CHOOSE WELL - click here to access the Choose Well website which provides useful information about the various NHS services provided in our local area.  It helps you to decide whether a GP appointment is the most appropriate way to access the NHS care you need.
Our receptionists are trained as 'Care Navigators' with the support of our GPs.  Care Navigation helps  you receive care from the most appropriate professional - not all requests need a GP appointment.
All patients will be politely and confidentially asked the reason for their appointment request. If you have symptoms that are better suited to care from other organisations, community based services or surgery team members the Care Navigator will give you the choice to access these instead.

These could include:

Care navigators/receptionists understand that what you tell them may still mean you need to see a GP.  Care Navigators will never make clinical decisions about you.  Please be patient with our receptionists - the best way to get you the most appropriate support is by asking you a few specific questions.

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