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DEWIS - Local Services to help you DEWIS Cymru-local information

Dewis Cymru is the place to find information about well-being in Wales and in particular, closest to you.

Here you will find information that can help you think about what matters to you, along with information about local organisations and services that can help!


GAVO - Gwent Association of Voluntary Organisations

EPP Cymru provides a range of self-management health and well-being courses and workshops for people living with a health condition(s) or for those who care for someone with a health condition

EPP courses are about helping you to live your life to the full with your condition, not about making you an expert in the specific condition you have

All of the people who are involved with EPP Cymru in Wales, the staff and volunteer tutors, have personal experience of either living with a health condition or  caring for someone with a health condition.  A number of people who attend an EPP Cymru course go on to train as a volunteer tutor to help deliver the programme locally


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